Julian A. de Marchi

Ph.D. Mechanical Engineering / Mechatronics
B.A. Physics, B.S. Mech. Eng., M.S. Mech. Eng.

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Gainful employment with a small-to-medium sized division at a socially responsible, internationally-minded firm with a fundamental interest in social and technological advancement using mechatronic system design.



. . .You may elect to view/download my doctoral thesis abstract , or the full monty (1.5 MB / 201 pages).

Ph.D., Mechanical Engineering October 1998

Identification of dynamic friction, impact backlash and elastic compliance in machine drive transmissions.
(1 MB / 78 pages).
Thesis advisor: Prof. Kevin C. Craig, Ph.D.

Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, Department of Mechanical Engineering, Aeronautical Engineering & Mechanics

Master's, Mechanical Engineering December 1994

Degradation of flexible beam control in the presence of drive non-linearities (220 kB / 22 pages).
Project advisor: Prof. Kevin C. Craig, Ph.D.

Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, Department of Mechanical Engineering, Aeronautical Engineering & Mechanics

Bachelor's, Mechanical Engineering May 1992

Academic advisor: Prof. William Rightmire, M.S.
3-2 Combined Program advisor: Zeita-Marion Lobley.

Columbia University School of Engineering and Applied Science, Department of Mechanical Engineering

Bachelor's, Physics May 1992

Academic advisor and mentor: Prof. Burt Brody, Ph.D.
Bard College, Division of Natural Sciences and Mathematics, Department of Physics


Skills and Proficiencies.

Linux, LAN installation, proxy/firewall/server, MS DOS/Windows, UNIX/bash
Intel 80x86/embedded PC, Motorola 68c & k, Neuron, TI 320Cxx DSP
assembly, BASIC, c, c++, FORTRAN, Pascal, Perl

LabVIEW, Maple, Matlab/Simulink, PRO/Engineer, Working Model

DHTML, FrameMaker, LaTeX
Electromechanical dynamics modeling and simulation, control system design, transducer integration, multitasked / real-time embedded programming


Work Experience:

Embedded Systems Engineer March 1999 - March 2000
I.D. Systems, Inc. Silicon Alley, New York City

Real-time embedded c-language firmware/software development for customized radio-frequency asset-tracking and asset-management systems. System design, product development, project scheduling, system testing and quality assurance. Internal development tools coding and documentation. Technical interviewing and screening for human resources. Personal effort has contributed to successful systems delivered to American Steel Foundries, Avis Rent-A-Car, Dana Commercial Credit, FedEx, Ford, Hallmark, USPS and others. ID Systems (IDSY) went public in August 1999.

Research Consultant December 1998 - March 1999
Xerox Corp. Wilson Center for Research & Technology Rochester & Tarrytown, New York

Servocontrol system design for proprietary keystone xerographic component in new line of color photocopiers, applying Ph.D. research in friction dynamics and control. Task was to accomplish paper alignment (for a range paper weights, unknown a priori) within 10 micrometers in less than one tenth of a second. Task was completed successfully within four months, using Matlab and Simulink together with DSP-based data-acquisition system and custom-built mechanical test bed..

National Science Foundation Research Fellow December 1994 - December 1998
Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute Troy, New York

NSF Doctoral research in friction modeling and simulation. Developed novel friction identification methods for asymmetric viscous and kinetic friction in nonlinear, overdamped systems. Numerous presentations on novel mechatronic system design and educational techniques in Europe and America, with emphasis on current research programmes. Research assistance in the areas of mechatronic system design and research project management, as well as original, basic research activities. One journal publication, several conference presentations, and two pending journal submissions. Several Matlab, Simulink, and c code libraries, hardware projects and educational systems.

Professional Consultant December 1996 - February 1997
American Guidance, Navigation and Control Corp. Chatsworth, California

Custom design, construction, integration, testing and proving of a special mechanical positioning test bed system with flexible beam attachment. Client was a defense research contractor with heavy emphasis on Matlab systems modeling and control systems design/simulation. Needed test bed to prove control system design using active piezoelectric vibration damping. Design, delivery, installation and system integration performed in less than three months. On-site follow-up consulting and education for PhD researchers at client end. Successful results published in academic technical journal.

Academic Consultant June 1995 - August 1995
General Electric Corporate Research & Development Schenectady, New York

Custom design concept for proprietary mechatronic boroscope. Creative design was sought out and discovered, then proven using available/feasible technologies. Design was to be used for high-tech imaging/navigation system for turbine inspection and maintenance, without having to disassemble turbine. Design was well-received by client.

Teaching Assistant June 1993 - May 1994
Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute Troy, New York

Tutorial assistance for the Machine Dynamics, Mechatronics, and Project Management for Mechatronic System Design courses. Co-development and world-wide promotion of Rensselaer mechatronics curriculum. Author of Introduction to Mechatronics electronics laboratory curriculum. Lecturing duties and laboratory assistance. Co-organiser of Rensselaer Engineering Creativity Conference. Mentoring of subsequent Mechatronics teaching assistants.

Ariane-5 Engineering Intern May 1992 - August 1992
Deutsches Zentrum für Luft- und Raumfahrt (DLR) Langer Grund (Lampholdhausen), Deutschland

Automated FORTRAN analysis of particle-image displacement velocimetry (PIV) data for Vulcan rockets used on the European Space Agency's Ariane-5 project. Work involved developing FORTRAN code for image processing, using frequency transforms, image autocorrelations and the like, for specialized image-processing equipment.

Interface Specialist Work/Study October 1991 - April 1992
Columbia University Microelectronics Sciences Lab Upper Manhattan, New York City

Integrated and automated hardware and BASIC software for high-vacuum Gallium-Arsenide (GaAs) film-deposition experiments. Work/study involved custom electronic circuit design and integration with BASIC software to run post-doctorate research experiments on-line, overnight. BASIC application controlled the machinery and analyzed the gather data.

GPS/NavStar Engineering Intern June 1991 - September 1991
Fokker b.V. Schiphol (Amsterdam), Nederland

Programmed Pascal and dBase software for global positioning system (GPS) signal processing for use with research on proprietary air-braking technologies. Work involved translation of equations in Master's Thesis of postgraduate intern into a Pascal application which could resolve military-like accuracy out of the civilian GPS signal band in spite of atmospheric disturbances and so forth.

Laboratory Mechanical Engineering Assistant October 1990 - May 1991
Columbia Presbyterian Orthopaedics Research Lab Spanish Harlem, New York City

Customized MASS-11 research database software for bone and cartilage sample management in the Orthopaedic Research Laboratory. Assisted with general laboratory management. Work/study involved general maintenance tasks as well as some assigned projects like mechanical test bed design and engineering for automating indentation experiment for testing cartilage hardness, and related computer applications programming.

Database Programming Intern June 1990 - August 1990
Systems Analysis Services, Inc. Auburndale, Massachusetts

Customized dBase database software and installed custom PC-based point-of-sale and inventory systems.



Publication in Print:

Mechatronic System Design at Rensselaer.
January 1996, v.4 n.1 p.67-78

Computer Applications in Engineering Education, Special Edition on Progressive Engineering Education

Kevin C. Craig and Julian A. de Marchi

Pending Publication Submissions:

Comments on: "Natural Frequencies and Dampings Identification using Wavelet Transform: Application to Real Data" by M. Ruzzene et alii, J. Mech. Sys. Sig. Proc. v.11 n.2 p.207-218

A letter to the editors of the Journal of Mechanical Systems and Signal Processing

Julian A. de Marchi and Kevin C. Craig

Identification of Arbitrarily Overdamped Second-Order Systems
using Parametric Harmonic Oscillation

For submission to the A.S.M.E. Journal of Dynamic Systems, Measurement, and Control

Julian A. de Marchi and Kevin C. Craig

Asymmetric Viscous and Kinetic Friction Identification
via the Extended Logarithmic Decrement Method

For submission to the A.S.M.E. Journal of Dynamic Systems, Measurement, and Control

Julian A. de Marchi and Kevin C. Craig
A Model for Backlash and Compliance with Viscoelastic Impact Effects

For submission to the A.S.M.E. Journal of Dynamic Systems, Measurement, and Control

Julian A. de Marchi and Kevin C. Craig

Conference Presentations:

"Mechatronics in Industrial Applications"
29 January 1999
Julian A. de Marchi
Xerox Research and Technology Seminar
"Mechatronic Design of an Inverted Pendulum
for Engineering Education
9 - 11 September 1998 / Mechatronics '98
Celal Tüfekçi, Julian A. de Marchi,
Kevin C. Craig and Selahattin Özçelik
Session on Mechatronics Education
"Mechatronics in Machine Tools"
21 - 26 September 1997 / CCAM '97
Julian A. de Marchi & Kevin C. Craig
Configuration and Control Aspects of Mechatronics
"Real-time Control of an Inverted Pendulum
using Direct Model-Reference Adaptive Control"
20 - 22 May 1997 / IFAC '97

Selahattin Özçelik, Julian A. de Marchi,
Howard Kaufman and Kevin C. Craig

Conference on the Control of Industrial Systems
Belfort, France
"Undergraduate Mechatronic Design at Rensselaer: Philosophy and Practice"
16 - 21 September 1996 / ViCAM/Mechatronics/M2VIP '96

Julian A. de Marchi and Kevin C. Craig

Focused/Vision and Control Aspects of Mechatronics
Universidade do Minho, Guimarăes, Portugal
"Mechatronic System Design:
Philosophy and Methodology"
19 July 1996

Kevin C. Craig and Julian A. de Marchi

University Programs on Computer-Aided Engineering Design and Manufacturing
"Experimental Degradation of Flexible Beam Control in the Presence of Drive Train Non-linearities"
12 - 17 November 1995 / IMECE/WAM '95

Julian A. de Marchi, Jun Ma and Kevin C. Craig

Manufacturing Science and Engineering Proceedings of the A.S.M.E. International Mechanical Engineering Congress and Exposition
San Francisco, California
"Mechatronic System Design at Rensselaer"
14 - 16 August 1995 / ICRAM '95

Kevin C. Craig and Julian A. de Marchi

International Conference on
Recent Advances in Mechatronics
Bođaziçi Üniversitesi, Istanbul, Turkiye



N.S.F. Graduate Research Fellow 1994 - 1997

"Supporting the most highly qualified graduate students in major research universities with mechatronics expertise."
National Science Foundation (Grant No. GER-9354913)

Inductee, Phalanx Honor Society 1997

For outstanding contributions to student life at Rensselaer via work at WRPI 91.5 fm / Radio Rensselaer.
Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute

Who's Who Among Students
in American Colleges and Universities

For outstanding contributions to student life at Rensselaer via work at WRPI 91.5 fm / Radio Rensselaer.

Dean's Honors 1989 - 1990

For academic excellence.
Bard College


Leadership Activities:

President, WRPI 91.5 fm Troy

1994 - 1996
Also served as Assistant Chief Engineer (1993),
Assistant Station Manager (1993), Assistant Music Director (1992), and Library Manager (1994)

Management of 10,000-Watt community radio station with over 250 members and 65-mile stereo broadcast radius. Also technical maintenance, community involvement, music industry interaction and a host of other responsibilities.
Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute

Secretary, A.S.M.E Student Chapter 1991 - 1992

Coordinated membership and meetings, and of course, the annual mechanical engineering dept. barbecue (yummy!).
Columbia University School of Engineering and Applied Sciences

Secretary and Cultural Attaché,
Society of Physics Students
1989 - 1990

Coordinated membership and meetings, and cultural events to promote the wonders of science at an art college.
Bard College, Division of Natural Sciences and Mathematics, Department of Physics

President, Amnesty International 1988

Coordinated membership and meetings, campus speakers, direct action, and political activism.
Bard College

Bard College Community Food Cooperative

Helped realize a thriving natural food cooperative at student union, organize weekly deliveries and stock.
Bard College

Co-Captain, Bard College Ultimate Frisbee Team 1988

Coordinated membership and practice drills and scrimmage, and regional tournaments.
Bard College




Dutch (native language), English (natural language), German (colloquial)
Australia (birth), the Netherlands (birthright), U.S. Resident "Alien" (yikes!)

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